Michael Weiner, President

Welcome to the official blog of the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County! As we work to bring people, organizations and resources together to improve community well being, we would like to keep you informed about our work, provide useful information, and offer some insight about the not for profit organizations we support. We would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts, or submit a guest entry – we look forward to your feedback!

A little about the Community Impact platform we invest in:


Nationally, 46% of children start school without the literacy, social, and emotional skills they need to succeed. Without these skills, it is harder for them to stay in school and graduate.

United Way helps students get ready for school, stay in school, and supports them through graduation, helping them reach their full potential.


Nearly 15% of Erie County residents have an income below the national poverty level.  When people have enough not just to get by, but to build a solid financial future, the whole community thrives.

Because of United Way, people in our community are being offered an opportunity to attain and maintain their independence and become financially stable.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are essential to a high quality of life. Access to preventive and routine health care; services for those experiencing abuse, neglect or violence; and good nutrition help people to lead healthier lives.

United Way supports programs that help people access preventive health care, live in a secure environment, and support services that make our community healthy and safe.

Now you have a little background on our organization; if you would like more information, visit our website at www.uwbec.org. We will be updating our blog 2-3 times a week, and are looking forward to posting. We cannot wait for you to get to know us, and we hope to get to know you too.


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