Niagara Falls Blvd. Wegmans kicking off their campaign

This weekend we had a great Call to Action kickoff of the Wegmans LIVE UNITED Campaign. Wegmans and United Way have teamed up to allow shoppers to donate at check out until October 2nd – all proceeds go back to the United Way.

To start up the campaign Wegmans gave away coupons and samples of their Ultimate Cake, as well as set up activities for shoppers, while a United Way representative answered questions. Each store personalized the experience for their shopper – from a raffle to a Price is Right game.

Wegmans is a major corporate sponsor in communities where they have stores. Giving is focused in five areas: food for the needy; strengthening neighborhoods; helping young people succeed; healthy eating and activity; and support for the United Way as an effective way to fund programs that make a difference.

Wegmans took the initiative to set everything up before we even got there. All the employees were very excited to get involved and made us feel like we were part of their family. Overall it was a fantastic way to get the campaign going!


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