Transportation is a vital facet in living a comfortable and healthy life. It is important to be able to safely leave ones home and have transportation to get necessities, health care, and interaction. Rural Transit, a United Way of Buffalo and Erie County Program Partner offers these services.

Rural Transit is a nonprofit transportation service for senior citizens, low to moderate income individuals, and the disabled.  Priority transportation is given to medical services, but it is also available for grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, etc.

Rural Transit gives its clients a sense of reassurance– they know if they need to get somewhere they can, when there may have been a time this wasn’t the case.  For the volunteers, it makes them feel like they are giving back to the community and doing something to make a difference. Over time many clients end up becoming so close to the volunteers they consider them friends, or even family. We are proud to call them a Program Partner, and that’s how Rural Transit LIVES UNITED.


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