As we’ve mentioned before, the 2010 campaign is in full swing. One exciting part of Campaign season is the start of the United Way Challenge.

All it takes to enter the challenge is a donation of one dollar a week ($52 a year) to the 2010 Campaign. Every weekday from October 4 through December 10 a daily prize winner will be chosen at random. Daily prizes range from a restaurant gift certificate, to Sabres tickets, or a new TV.  On top of that, after December 10 we will award 16 grand prizes – check out all the details here.

The best part of the United Way Challenge is notifying the winners. Many people don’t realize they’re automatically entered when they give, and others just don’t think they would ever win. Telling them they’ve won makes their day – and their gratitude is overwhelming. It’s a great way for us to give back to those people making a difference in our community through donating – and we are the ones that are grateful to them.

The first round of winners will be chosen next week. Tune in to our website for details!


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