Barbara, Hearts and Hands Volunteer

Hearts and Hands, a United Way Program Partner, offers transportation services, home supports, wellness checks and minor handy-man services for the elderly and those with long term health conditions.

Barbara has been a volunteer with Hearts and Hands, a LIVE UNITED Program Partner, for two and a half years. After she retired she wanted to find something valuable to do with her time, but was limited due to a disability. When she found out about Hearts and Hands she just knew it was a perfect fit – the agency links the elderly and those with mobility-limiting conditions, and Barbara loves meeting new people, and she loves driving. She knew Hearts and Hands was the ideal volunteer opportunity for her.

As much as Barbara cares for the people she serves, the staff at Hearts and Hands cares about Barbara.  For instance, they know that Barbara needs extra time to get going in the morning and prefers to volunteer in the afternoon – so they never call her before ten and never give her assignments in the morning. The program gives her the flexibility to work as often as she would like, on a schedule that meets her needs – making it easy for her to volunteer.

Barbara thinks she gets more out of volunteering than she gives. Over the years she has built bonds with care receivers; she is more than just a volunteer – she is their friend. As much as Barbara helps the care receivers, at the end of the day they put a smile on her face as well. All it takes to realize how much good she’s doing is that one hug, and one grateful “thank you.” Barbara understands that if it wasn’t for her, many of the care receivers would no longer be able to live on their own, leave their house, or engage with their community. She is truly making a difference in their lives, every day, and that’s how Barbara LIVES UNITED.


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