From left to right: Michelle Chiappetta, Jerry S. Bartone, Jackie Cotroneo

Six Sigma is a measurement, methodology and strategy to eliminate variations and defects from processes. For nonprofits, this can lead to faster service to consumers; serving more people; and, serving them more consistently. United Way of Buffalo and Erie County has been offering Six Sigma training for three years free of charge to nonprofits.

Jerry Bartone, Michelle Chiappeta, and Jackie Cotroneo from Community Concern recently received their yellow belts in Six Sigma. To achieve this certification they completed eighteen hours of training as well as a project titled “Improving Mental Health Client Engagement.”

“The timing for the United Way to spearhead a quality and efficiency improvement model in the non-profit sector couldn’t be better.” says Jerry Bartone MA MBA, Community Concern’s executive director.  “In these economic times when more people are in need and our capacity is strained by government funding cuts, Six Sigma is a good tool to do more with less.  Six Sigma is helping us achieve our mission, to help people achieve their highest level of functioning in the least amount of time and cost.”

Helping agencies improve their service delivery ultimately helps them better serve our community, and we are very proud to offer Six Sigma training.


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