The Salvation Army Emergency Assistance Program, a United Way Program Partner, serves as a central intake for thousands in need, and provides them with tangible resources such as food and clothing. James was referred to the Salvation Army when he requested assistance for his eight month old granddaughter.  He had custody of her, but needed financial assistance. Social Security was his only income; it was enough to cover his rent and utilities, but not enough to take care of his granddaughter properly.

Though James was in need of food stamps he thought his income was too high to receive them and did not even try to apply, until he met with a case worker from Emergency Family Assistance. The case worker explained to him that there was a good chance he was eligible, not only for food stamps, but for various benefits. The case worker even completed and printed out the application for James.

James was able to receive food stamps, as well as HEAP benefits, and WIC (Women, Infants and Children) benefits for his granddaughter. He was immensely grateful, both to his case worker and to the Salvation Army.

Often, people in need do not realize what services they are eligible for, or do not feel comfortable asking.  Thanks to the Salvation Army, James and his granddaughter are provided with the services they need for a healthy and safe life.


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