On Saturday, United Way, our CASH initiative, and nearly 20 community partners joined forces for the 5th annual CASH IN Saturday at the BFNC Hope Center.  We started CASH IN Saturday as a kick-off to the tax season, so that people with incomes below a certain level ($50,000 in 2010) can have an opportunity to have their taxes prepared and filed by trained, certified professionals for free, rather than spending $150 or more on a paid preparer.

The message of CASH IN Saturday goes far beyond tax prep, though.  Each year, agencies, banks, educational institutions, government representatives, and representatives from other community resources provide attendees with a wealth of information to help them build financial stability – whether they want to open a bank account, find out how they can access health insurance, or get information and help with the process of saving for and buying a home.  These services help so many families get started down the road to a brighter financial future.

For more information about locations, services, and hours for the Free Tax Preparation Network in Erie County, call 2-1-1 (just pick up the phone and dial 2-1-1, or 1-888-696-9211), or visit www.cashbuffalo.org.

For more information about the services United Way is funding that are helping improve quality of life through Education, Income, and Health and Wellness, click here to visit our website.

We can’t ever say it enough: services like these wouldn’t happen without your support.  Thank you!


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