This week we received a very touching email from Melanie at Belmont Housing Resources,
after she presented a workshop at a recent conference. This story shows the real impact of
the work she and others are doing, in someone’s daily life.

Today at a workshop I presented at during the Self-Advocacy Western NY regional
Conference, I had a very special moment. Oftentimes we wonder why we do what we do – are we making an impact?

The workshop was about budgeting and Financial Goal Planning. Last year, along with the support of the Buffalo CASH Disability Committee, Belmont, and the United Way we presented a similar workshop in which we distributed piggy banks (courtesy of the New York Makes Work Pay grant) to individuals with disabilities.

Well, today a student approached me and thanked us for giving her the piggy bank last year.

She wanted to return to this year’s conference in Batavia but she knew wasn’t able to afford the fee.

She set financial goal to save the $80.00 needed to attend the conference this year. She was excited to share that each week she placed two dollars into the piggy bank that we had given her.

…………. and guess what? She saved enough money to return to the conference this year…. and was able to still have money left over to save for her next financial goal.

So—along with our partnerships-we give people the knowledge to make a goal-but we also give them the tools to reach them.

Do you have any stories about how you’ve made an impact in someone’s life, or how
someone or something has made an impact in yours? Please feel free to leave it in the
comments below!


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