Many companies offer prize drawings or other incentives during their workplace Campaigns.  Last year, Erie Community College gave away a few things to their employees. Robert Z., an ECC staffer, won a signed Buffalo Bills Football, and was kind enough to share his thoughts on our community and why he gives back.

Why do you feel it is important to give back?
As a member of the community, I believe it is important to help out when and where possible.  My family enjoys many blessings and it is our civic duty to help out when we can.  I only wish I could do more.

How have you been affected by becoming more involved in your community?
You always get way more out then what you give.  The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is more rewarding then the sacrifices made.  As you become involved you realize the tremendous needs that are out there.

Every summer I try to participate in the “United Way Day of Caring”.  This is always a very enjoyable day and unforgettable learning experience.  The needs are so great out there and sometimes with our busy lives, we forget how fortunate we are.  The Day of Caring helps remind me.

What do you feel are the challenges affecting our communities (Erie County) today?
There are many:  Senior citizens health and safety; poverty; substance and gambling abuse; education issues; financial literacy and the list goes on and on.

How would you address those challenges?
One baby step at a time.  If every day we make a point to do some action to help each other than hopefully it will be contagious and spread.  In time momentum will drive the solution to these difficult challenges.  While my free time is limited, I contribute to the United Way to help.  I look forward to upcoming retirement when I will have additional spare time to volunteer my time.

Thank you for supporting us and sharing your thoughts, Robert!


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