United Way has recently partnered with UGIVE.org, a resource for students that makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities. Are you a high school student looking for volunteer opportunities this summer or do you know of someone looking? UGIVE.org is a great and convenient way to find volunteer opportunities and get school credit at the same time, while keeping track of the hours and opportunities digitally.

UGIVE.org allows students the chance to learn about multiple volunteer projects, and choose the ones that best suit their interests. By being able to research and choose, students are more likely to find something they are really passionate about – and maybe something they’ll even stick with long-term! Since UGIVE.org is created for students all the volunteer opportunities are with non-profits or with schools, and always centered around students, so teens know they will be volunteering with their peers, and opportunities are available all year-long.

For more information on UGIVE.org, contact Suzette O’Brien by phone at 887-2744 or by e-mail at suzette.obrien@uwbec.org.

We think this is a great way to help teens get involved and stay involved, while finding something they may really like. Have you used UGIVE.org before? Please feel free to tell us about it in the comments.


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