We are very excited as we prepare for Day of Caring this year, which will be on August 17th. Last year nearly 3500 volunteers from Erie and Niagara Counties came together, and volunteered to make a lasting difference in our community. In Erie County alone, 3,177 volunteering coming from 159 companies participated in 156 projects, and benefited 106 area agencies and people. These numbers were truly remarkable. (See our 2010 Day of Caring Kickoff video here.)

Volunteers built and repaired playground equipment at day care centers, gardened, interacted with elders at nursing homes, painted fences and walls, participated in activities with children, as well as doing a variety of other tasks. Teresa Glanowski from the YMCA saw results almost immediately, saying “they saved us probably a full week of staff time and they were just delightful to have around.” A full week of staff time! We’re so grateful for everyone that volunteered last year and cannot wait to see the results that we have this year.

Over the past 17 years, the efforts of volunteers at Day of Caring have saved agencies in Erie and Niagara Counties over $6.1 million through more than 365,000 hours of service donated by 93,500 volunteers.

We look forward to posting the great results from this year’s Day of Caring, and continuing to make these numbers grow!


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