At United Way of Buffalo and Erie County we have three platforms of focus – Education, Income, and Health and Wellness. Many have asked us why we chose these platforms and what we want to accomplish, so we decided to write a little bit about each one. This blog post will focus on Education.

Our goal is to create better opportunities for kids to succeed, and make sure they start school with the resources they need to do well. Ultimately, we want to increase the graduation rate among high school students.  46% of students start school without literacy, social and emotional skills they need. In Erie County only 78% of students who entered high school in 2006 graduated with their peers.

What do we do? We fund local programs that improve language and literacy, school readiness, attendance, grade point averages, leadership skills, and offer parent involvement, college and career readiness and dropout prevention.

We are proud to say that last year 109,000 children in Buffalo and Erie County directly benefited from United Way funded programs!

Stay tuned, after our series about Education, Income, and Health and Wellness we will be writing follow-up posts with information about specific funded programs within each platform!


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