As we mentioned in our previous blog post we have three areas of focus – Education, Income, and Health and Wellness. Many have asked us why we chose these platforms and what we want to accomplish, so we decided to write a little bit about each one. This blog post will focus on Income.

Our goal in Income is to help people that are working hard to build a solid financial future, one that will not only help their stability but will also help our entire community flourish. Specifically, we want to help increase the percentage of people with incomes that enable them to truly make ends meet.  In Erie County, nearly 30% of residents do not have the financial resources they need.

We fund local programs that offer crisis assistance, benefits eligibility, free tax prep, financial management, remedial education, vocational training, employment services and help in building assets.

Last year more than 68,000 people in Buffalo and Erie County directly benefited from United Way funded programs!

Stay tuned for follow-up posts with information about specific funded programs within each platform!


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