Continuing with our education series we would like to spotlight our Program Partner Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) and their Ready, Set, Parent! Program. This program focuses on the need for every child to have a solid family life from birth to be able to better succeed in the future. It is a parent education program created so both parents and children can have positive experiences. The program is broken down into three sections: parenting skills, health and wellness, and literacy/language development.

New parents are visited in the hospital shortly after the birth of their child to prepare them for their new roles as loving and educated parents. While in the hospital they are invited to attend a newborn class to prepare them for the first few months with their child. This newborn class introduces them to what they should expect within the first few weeks, how to handle crying, beginning literacy and many other important concepts.

Parents are also free to attend workshops about infants and toddlers which provide them with in-depth information. These workshops include topics such as: tuning in to your baby, establishing routines, learning through play, coping with stress, promoting literacy and setting limits and are all free of charge.*

Ready, Set, Parent! has done great work, and helped many parents prepare for raising their child!

*Information from the EPIC website.

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