This year we have again teamed with Wegmans to raise funds for health and human services in our community. The campaign is going great and with a little over a week to go we want to keep it successful!

Through October 9, Wegmans shoppers in Erie, Niagara and Southern Chautauqua Counties in New York and in Erie, Pennsylvania will be able to make a donation to their local United Way as they pay for their groceries simply by telling their cashier they wish to donate $2, $3, $5, or any other amount.

Last year was the first year we teamed up with Wegmans to run a checkout campaign and raised over $140,000 in their Erie County stores alone! This was a huge feat, one we would love to accomplish again this year.

Theresa Jackson, Wegmans consumer affairs manager, said that this effort is integral to the company’s commitment to the community. “Support for United Way is part of our corporate philosophy,” she said.  “Our employees are very supportive of United Way, and we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to demonstrate their generosity as well.”

We’d also like to thank Wegmans for everything they do for United Way. Wegmans is a major contributor in every community that their stores are located, and they focus on 5 areas: food for the needy; strengthening neighborhoods; helping young people succeed; healthy eating and activity; and support for the United Way as an effective way to fund programs that make a difference.

Dennis Elsenbeck, regional executive for National Grid and United Way Campaign chair, expresses gratitude for Wegmans’ support.  “The United Way Campaign will only be successful if everyone steps up to make a difference.  We are so grateful to Wegmans for going the extra mile so their customers can give so easily and conveniently – in addition to their extraordinary support for United Way during the Campaign and year-round.”

If you’re shopping at Wegmans this week please consider donating. We will be posting an update on how much was raised after the campaign is over. Wish us luck!


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