If you have ever seen a billboard on a street or next to a highway in Western New York, you are familiar with the work of Lamar Outdoor Advertising.  What you may not know is that Lamar – the company and its employees – are incredibly committed to our community.  A visit to the Lamar offices displays, quite literally, the extent of the team’s activities.  Plaques, awards and recognition from dozens of community agencies line the walls, hallways and workspaces.  It is clear that Rick Dvorak, General Manager and a transplanted Torontonian, loves this community, and he does everything he can to support nonprofits in health and human services, the arts – everything that helps improve quality of life in Erie County.

Every year, new United Way billboards pop up on our major routes – it’s always exciting to see our message on display during the morning or evening commute.  Those billboards are there for one reason: the generosity of Rick and Lamar Advertising.  They put up those billboards whenever and wherever they have space available, and help us get the word out about United Way in a way we would not be able to afford otherwise.

Starting as a small sign company, Lamar Advertising has become one of the nation’s largest outdoor advertising corporations, with more than 151,000 billboards and over 103,000 logo displays across the US and Canada. We like to think their community spirit, through their support of United Way and so many other worthy causes, is a big part of their success. Lamar believes in the importance of giving back, and we can’t thank them enough for everything they have done to help us get our message out.


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