By choosing to support us you are choosing to make a difference in the lives of our community members. Whether it is helping a child learn to read or get through school, helping a parent get a job or receive financial assistance, or helping a senior get to a doctor’s appointment or get a healthy meal – it’s all thanks to you.

The difference you make is visible almost immediately. Last year alone:

  • 8,400 kids improved their GPA
  • 13,000 children were enrolled in high-quality child care
  • 26,000 kids were read to on a regular basis
  • 680 people secured a job
  • 118 people purchased a home
  • 9,400 people received free tax prep services
  • 1,600 seniors received transportation to their healthcare appointments
  • 2,900 people accessed home services
  • 3,500 people were prepared to keep themselves and their families safe

We’d love to see even better results this year, and with your help we can. Whether you choose to give, advocate or volunteer you will be making a positive impact in someone’s life. No matter what you choose, we will be grateful to have your involvement in any way.


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